A lesson we can take from the Brazil vs Germany match.


What we have witnessed today is definitely an event which is going to go down into the history books people. The game started off like any other. Tension existed among both sides. Colorful faces stood in the stands, shouting out the names of their favorite players and discussing game tactics with people that they have never met before. They were united through hope. The hope of winning.

Behind closed doors players prayed to their God’s in order to achieve victory. They tackled the butterflies which had been present and walked onto the pitch, filled with pride of representing their country. They sang their national anthems like they have never sang before. All players made subtle eye contact with each other and that’s when it all began.

The ball was brought into the center of the pitch. Both sides still equal. For the first few minutes both teams kicked the ball back and forth until the Germans switched their mindset into absolute winners. Still unaware of this the Brazilians continued to play their original tactics which had brought them so far in the World Cup. The Brazilians knew that they had to really give it their all since they lost two valuable players Neymar and Thiago Silva in the previous game.

The crowd’s roar was still loud and clear after the first two goals, but then disaster struck as two goals fired by Toni Kroos washed away Brazil’s chance of winning the World Cup. At that point instead of pushing forward and fighting towards victory they gave up. Brazilian fans watched in awe as they saw their heroes giving up one goal at a time.  As the match progressed the morale of the Brazilians continued gradually drop. One goal at a time.

The lesson which we can all take from this is when something’s got you down, keep pushing forward and never ever give up. Even when it seems impossible to get back up, give it 110% and when everything seems to be against you, believe that everything is going to be okay. Believe that you will come out on top as winners.

“No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them.”
― Maeve Greyson.


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