Daily Prompt: The Transporter

“Tell us about a sensation-a taste, a smell, a piece of music- that transports you back to your childhood.”

The smell of cigarettes occupying my grandparents elevator. That is the smell which brings me back to my childhood. I was born in 1996 a year when the band Oasis were in their prime, denim was a must have fabric in everyone’s wardrobe, the film Dumb and Dumber was one of the best comedies around and the 80’s, well they were just fond memories and a thing of the past.

The elevator is old and rotten. The command buttons which were once white and shiny were now cracked and burnt as a result of the “Youth Gone Wild” generation. No longer distinguishable. The back of the elevator smelled like urine, whether it was from a dog riding up and down for thrills or a human who had one too many on a night out? I don’t want to know. The sealant which fulfilled its purpose between the walls of the elevator had now been replaced with chewed up chewing gums. I wonder what story each chewing gum possesses? Who knows one of those chewing gums could have been my mother’s when she was my age. Wooden panels which screamed out luxury in the seventies were now pleading for mercy as they had been vandalized by someone who felt the need to make a statement. Odds are that lost individual is now a lawyer for some high up corporation and covers up his tattoos with a top of the line suit every morning.

The elevator has been serving the public for the last 45 years. The people who once resided there have come and gone. The little window in the elevator door has seen a lot of things throughout its 45 years of service and the secrets which it contains will continue to go up and down until the hard-working pulley gives out. The people around us change. We change and the things we once knew and loved changed. But the one thing which continues to stay the same is the elevator and its scent of cigarettes.


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