Daily Prompt: Proud


“When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?”

The word pride is used quite frequently in my household. My parents and close relatives tell me that they’re proud of me all the time. But do they really mean it? The last time my parents told me that they were proud was when I told them I made it through a full root canal without letting out one single tear (Root canals are painful). You see there you have it, that was the last time someone told me they were proud of me. But in today’s post instead of going through the whole root canal procedure in order to really signify and find the reason why my parents were proud of me, I’m going to let you guys know about the time when someone did truly mean it and I felt it.

It was the summer back in 2013. I was just beginning my journey as a writer and I was focused on becoming the best video game journalist there is. I still am. The Electronic Entertainment Expo otherwise known as E3 was wrapping up and I wrote an article for my blog over at Blogger about “who had the best presentation” or something like that.

Up to that point I had been writing about video games every single day and I was putting in my blood, sweat and tears into the work which was being produced. I logged in every day with the hope that my stats would go right through the roof as a result of the previous article which was written the night before or that there might be a comment which may need to be addressed by the writer himself, me. But unfortunately stats remained the same and no comments had been submitted. I was distraught by the fact and I decided to log in a few hours later to write more articles for the site.

When I had logged in the bell located at the top right hand corner of the site had a little red 1 next to it and I immediately jumped with excitement. “My first comment.” I thought to myself and during that little period between being redirected from the home page to the comment page a hundred possible questions began to run through my mind. When the page finally loaded up and I glanced down at the comment I smiled slightly and logged out. It was the greatest feeling in the world and for the first time in my life the word “Proud” truly meant something to me.

Thanks for checking out my “Daily Prompt” and have a good day.

P.S. Thanks Dad for encouraging me to stay on the path as a writer. I had my doubts but “Words run through my veins” and it’s something which I can’t get rid of.


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