Why a MacBook Pro?


What’s up everyone? A few months back during the month of February I suddenly began to find video editing and the whole editing process quite intriguing. I did some research in relation to editing software and I came across Sony Vegas movie studio which was considered as one of the best software’s on the market. (I don’t use it now, it’s another story) Without hesitation I jumped onto Amazon and bought the software. I quickly got the hang of things and everything was exactly the way I had imagined it but I couldn’t help to notice that the laptop computer which I was using was terrible.

The laptop was slow and often became unresponsive when the software was running. Whenever I tried to render the finished product it would shut down completely where I would then be welcomed by a nice black start up screen which would ask me if I would like to “Start Windows normally.” It was a pain but luckily it got me to where I am today and actually landed me my first editing job for a pretty big company. With the money which I had earned over there I decided to invest it in a custom built PC which is an absolute beast. Video editing is nice and smooth and movies are fully rendered within 5 minutes which is a major improvement from the crappy laptop which would take 2-3 hours to render the same movie. I love my custom beast to death but there’s yet another problem which I have encountered.

As a writer, short film maker and a photographer my job consists of me travelling quite a lot. I love to travel don’t get me wrong but I have noticed that a lot of my clients want to have a lot of things edited in a very short period of time or even there and then and as you can see I need something which is strong in terms of raw computing power, but which also looks stylish and appealing to look at. That’s why I have decided to invest another sum of money towards the 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.

The reason why I have decided to go for this particular laptop is its light and easy to carry around. It looks cool wherever you go and it has a beautiful display which is great when showing photos and videos to potential clients. The Pro is a pretty strong laptop in terms of computing power and will definitely get the job done in a few hours when I’m staying at a hotel room or when I’m flying from A to B. It’s also nice knowing that I have a nice and reliable companion by my side when travelling the world.

Here’s where I need your help people, for anyone that’s a MacBook user let me know what you think of the machine in the comments below and for anyone who is currently editing on a laptop let me know what make and model you have and would you recommend it.

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