Apple placed order for 68 Million iPhone 6 units

Apple 6

We are halfway through the month of July and this is usually the time when Apple writes their letter to Santa Claus asking for millions of iPhones because they were such a good company all year long. 2014 has been going pretty quick and at this rate September is right around the corner.

According to a report from Taiwan’s Business Weekly, Apple had ordered an incredible amount of new handsets for the phones launch which is set for September. This year Apple has ordered twice as many handsets as it did for the iPhone 5. Apple is allegedly coming out with two models of the iPhone a 4.7 inch model for those who don’t feel the need to walk around with the 5.5 inch model which will also be available in September.

Considering that this is usually the time when Apple places the order for its handsets it all seems to be going according to plan. The only mystery which remains is whether the company has placed an order for the 4.7 inch unit or the 5.5? I for one can’t wait for the launch of the iPhone 6 and allegedly the iPhone 6 is meant to be packing an A8 processor which is a nice upgrade from the A7 processor chip.

Let me know people if you’re planning on picking this device up or if you’re upgrading to a different phone in general. Follow me on Twitter for regular updates and news about the site and if you like what you have read here be sure to click that follow button for the latest game and tech news.

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