Amazon wants to test drones outdoors

amazon drone

A few months back Amazon have created a flying drone which can deliver a small package to the consumer in less than 30 minutes. The drone is capable of carrying an object which weighs around 5 pounds and can reach a maximum speed of 50 mph. The idea is really cool and if you’re ordering something small like a HDMI cable or a keyboard for your computer you would not have to wait a few days for it to arrive. I’m guessing that the drone would appeal to many people especially those who need something urgently.

A few days ago my video editing software refused to function properly and I needed it in order to finish a video for a company. I checked the quick delivery box and even with that delivery method selected it took one day for the new software to arrive. One day may not seem like such a long time but in my case it was. The next morning the company had called me and said that they needed the film in a few hours and I could not be late. I began to worry a little bit but luckily the delivery guy brought my software one hour before the project had to be sent off. These type of situations occur all the time and these delivery drones may be the answer to all of them.

According to LA times Amazon wants an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration which say that businesses can test drones only indoors, saying it needs to conduct research flights for its experimental and not yet functioning delivery system, Amazon Prime Air, in the outdoors.

In the letter which Amazon have sent to the FAA, Amazon says that they want to be subject to the same regulation as hobbyists and manufactures of model aircraft  groups that are allowed to fly outdoors.

In my opinion as long as these drones don’t randomly come falling out of the sky or try to attack me I’m fine with the idea and I can’t wait to see these drones in action. Let me know what you think people and make sure to follow me on Twitter for regular updates and news about the site. If you liked what you’ve read here click that follow button for the latest game and tech news.

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Source: latimes


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