Why Minecraft is a genius idea


Minecraft is a game that I think every gamer is familiar with. My first encounter with the game was over one year ago, I had just purchased my iPad mini and as I was filling the device with apps I had diverted my attention to my younger brother who was sitting beside me. I noticed him playing what seemed like a fun and entertaining game. I asked him “What type of game is that?” He continued to stare at the iPad’s display and answered with “I don’t know but you can build houses with blocks.” I watched as the square box which seemed so plain and simple transform into a home which had an oven a bed and a chest where you could put all of your belongings. Before I knew it I was installing the game and my mind was already creating structures which I would have never thought of or had the need to create before.

When the game finally finished installing I spawned in the middle of nowhere and that’s when my survival instinct kicked in. I thought to myself, what’s the most important thing that I need right now? A house would be a good thing to start with. Since cutting trees took a large amount of time I began to dig up the dirt and that’s what I built my house with. I placed a block after block until the square structure had been finally erect. The house had been unfurnished so I got started on the essentials such as a bed and an oven. Once those things had been covered I began having minor problems with things such as the lighting conditions or just the size of the house in general. I know that the house wasn’t anything special and it wasn’t as good as the houses which other YouTubers were building at the time, but who cares because I was proud of it. Due to the fact that I had built a house which I could reside in and it could keep me safe at night from all of the nocturnal monsters I was one of the happiest gamers ever.

I’ll tell you now why Minecraft is such a genius idea. Minecraft is a game which allows all age groups to get creative and it lets their imagination run free. This type of game is essential in a world where games are built on instructions and restrictions. From what you have read above you can probably see that Minecraft is a great game and if you still haven’t checked it out you’re missing out.

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