GTA V: Independence Day DLC

GTA V independence day

Ever since Grand Theft Auto: V was released the guys over at Rockstar have been pushing out great downloadable content which definitely enhances the player’s experience with the game. A few weeks back Rockstar announced the “I’m Not a Hipster Update” which was probably one of my favorite updates so far. The update featured vehicles which may give some of you a blast from the past and some new weapons such as the “Antique Calgary Dagger” and the “Vintage Pistol”. Lets not forget some new additions which were made to GTA online such as new clothing and jobs which you can partake in.

The liberator

In order to commemorate the 4th of July the Rockstar gang were not going to pass unnoticed so they decided to throw in a few items which were sure to get us into the festive mood. The update featured a brand new “proper” monster truck which goes by the name of “The Liberator” how patriotic. The truck is available online when you contact Pegasus and in single-player which you can obtain by going to your personal garage. The truck crushes pretty much anything standing in its way and is a fun way to get around the map. The only downside of the truck is that it cannot be modified in LS customs and cannot be fixed. So take that into consideration when you’re going of off the side of mount Chilliad.

The “Western Sovereign Motorcycle” is also available for single-player and online use. The bike is incredibly fast and looks like the one which the in game police use. The handling on this bike is outstanding and it looks really great when parked in your GTA online garage.

You know the drill people whenever Rockstar do their content update there has to be a nice selection of weapons which accompany their crazy cars. The weapons which were added in this update were the FireWorks Rocket Launcher and the Musket. The Musket was a nice update and is a really powerful weapon. The only downside to it is it’s only one shot before having to reload which takes some time. Enough for another player to kill you. The FireWorks launcher may seem like an innocent device which looks really pretty at night, but it can actually be used as a weapon when pointed at someones face instead of the sky.

Also there have been some extras added to GTA online such as two new properties, some new clothes and the ability to ride the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel.

I can’t wait to see what Rockstar are going to do in the next update and I’ll keep you guys posted when something comes around. Follow me on Twitter for regular updates and news and be sure to click that follow button for the latest on gaming and tech news.

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