My experience with Day Z (standalone)

day z standalone

What is up people?

Ever since the launch of the mod, Day Z has been one of the main reasons why gamers all around the world have diverted their attention towards PC gaming. The mod has gained a major following from YouTubers all around the world due to it’s realistic features and challenging ways. The man responsible for all of this zombie greatness is Dean Hall who came up with one great idea which is sure to keep players occupied for many years to come. Right now I am going to tell you people about my experience with the infamous PC game and whether I will continue to play it or not.

First of all, my custom PC arrived a few weeks ago and whilst building the PC I had one thing on my mind and that was gaming. I decided to hold off on buying any of the games which had been available at the time since I knew that the steam sale was just around the corner. When the steam sale was fully operational I couldn’t wait to download the game. I downloaded the game and fifty-percent in, my younger brother informed me that I had just purchased Arma 2 and that Day Z standalone is where it’s at. Having slept on it a few nights I had to get the standalone version and that’s the moment when I became deeply immersed in the area of Chernarus.

From the second that the game downloads you are welcomed by a nice long server list. Which you must then choose from in order to join a game. I picked one at random and I was eager to play. I had been thrown into the wild forest with no food or water. All I had at my dispense was the t-shirt which I had on my back, which can be torn into rags in order to stop the severe bleeding when you suffer a nasty bite from a nearby zombie. You also a receive a battery which you can lick (yes people “lick” it’s not a typo) and a flashlight which you don’t really want to use since it reveals your current location to players nearby.

I had no idea where to start at first, on one monitor I had the game open and on the other I had the game commands open. It’s not easy but the more you play the better you’ll get at using the keys (That is if you’re new to PC gaming like me) It didn’t take long before I spotted a zombie in the distance, I ran straight for the zombie and I soon realized that it had been a bad idea since I didn’t even know how to get my arms up in order to successfully execute a mean punch. I was bitten and the zombie continued to catch up to me as I desperately ran around the forest like an idiot. I died and that’s when I knew that I had to dramatically change my tactics.

I crouched anywhere that I went and the tension was real people. With the realistic howl of the wind accompanied by the singing birds in the distance, I felt as if I was actually in Chernarus. I watched my step everywhere I went, I opened the doors with sever caution immediately closing them after myself. At one point in the game I went upstairs to one of the rooms and when I came down all of the doors had been opened. That freaked me out a little so I decided to confront this other player. Strangely there was no reply and the other player was nowhere to be found. Could this have been my imagination playing tricks on me. Who knows? Without even knowing it I was looting houses, organizing my inventory and putting a scope onto one of my weapons. It’s a little bit weird that I have not encountered anybody yet but maybe they’re in the bigger towns. I’m serious people I haven’t ran into a single soul in that game and I need somebody to talk to while I travel, because everyone probably knows already how much I love to talk.

As you can see people the game will keep you on edge, especially if you’re playing with headphones on. You will hear zombies growling and making undistinctive sounds. Your own footsteps will throw you off at times and that’s when you press the space bar in order to take out your weapon of choice.

Having said all of that Day Z is a fantastic game which truly shows that a game does not have to feature stunningly beautiful graphics or a team behind it which is backed up by thousands and thousands of dollars.The main objective of a game is to be fun and that’s exactly what Day Z is. So far I am enjoying every second of the game and no doubt that it has been one of my most enjoyable gaming experiences yet. If you people really want to know what true gaming is all about check this game out and experience it for yourselves.

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See you all soon.


day z map

(Map of Chernarus)


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