What’s up? 2.0

What is up people?

It feels so good to sit at a computer and to catch up on all of the gaming and tech news. I missed E3 this year and it sucks right. I had those stupid exams to do and I feel like I did quite well actually. I want to study English and German in university this year and I feel like I got accepted. In relation to E3, I really wanted to meet all of you gaming legends out there and to check out some of the cool games which will be released throughout the course of the year. I will definitely be there next year and it should be a lot of fun.

So some of you may be thinking to yourselves what am I up to since I have finished up with my monotonous routine (High School). To be honest with you people, I am really busy. I have a lot of new movies planned for a sports product and that should be quite fun. (I can’t say who for yet. It’s a secret.) I love making movies and I love photography. But most of all I love writing. You see, I’m the type of person who likes to do various things at once. I love the fact that I can do a lot of things which I’m good at instead of focusing on just one. I hate when people come up to me and say “You should just focus on one thing and go towards one direction.” I usually look at them and reply with “Doing one thing may work for you, but not for me.” I just want to live life to the max people, I want to be the person who looks back at the end of his life and has absolutely no regrets. That’s why over the summer I’m getting a tattoo done on my arm which will remind me of the way that I want to live my life every single day. “You only live once” I can’t stress that enough people. 

Even though I’m majorly busy with a lot of stuff from now on I will cover all of the major news which needs to be covered and expect a new post every single day here on WordLoops. I am also launching a website for all of my photos. I will let you guys know when everything is fully set up and I will give you guys the link in one of my future posts. I am back for good people and I’m not going anywhere so be sure to follow me here and check out my twitter https://twitter.com/WordLoops  where you will be informed whenever new posts go up.

As always Thanks for checking this out people and remember “Live your life.”

See you all soon.




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