Freedom is almost here…

What is up people?

This is going to be another one of those updates which I basically let you people in on the various events which have been going on in my life. I have so much to tell you people and I’m not quite sure where to begin but let me start with I graduated. I graduated last Wednesday and it was a night that I will never forget. Some pretty inspirational speeches were given and it was an amazing night overall. I’m not sure if those speeches had the same affect on everyone else but I thought they were great.

The way the educational system works where I live is I now have to study for some major exams which are coming up in thirteen days and they will then determine whether I go to college or not. It kind of sucks right? They’re also the reason why I’m not putting out as much content as I used to. After those exams are over expect three new articles everyday during the duration of the summer. There will be plenty of games that need coverage and you will be able to find top quality content over here on the site.

In college I plan on studying English and German. I decided to study English because I love to write, I want to do nothing else in life than to be a writer and also “words run through my veins.” The reason why I decided to study German is because I began to study the language when I started high school. I know that it’s a tough language to learn but I’m doing okay at it and it’s always good to have a fourth language right?

The next thing on the list is I turn eighteen in a few days. I’m excited because it means that I’m going to be taking a step into the adult world and by that I do not mean getting drunk. For many people that’s exactly what turning eighteen means “Drink like there’s no tomorrow.” But for me turning eighteen means that my opportunities are endless and school is the last thing that’s holding me back at this point. “The sky is the limit.”

Okay people I think that I’m going to wrap this one up for today. The next time that you will see another post go up is when I’m finished with school for 100%.Thanks for checking this out as always, you guys are awesome followers and Thanks for sticking with me even though the content upload isn’t great. If you want to follow me on twitter be sure to check it out I’m usually on it daily and if you guys want to ask a question about the site or just say “hey”, feel free to do so.


See you all soon.




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