Working is not easy…

What is up people?

Over these past couple of days I got to experience what it would be like to work as a photographer/ film editor and let me tell you this it’s not easy. I have been asked to do a few shots for a new product that’s coming out into the sports market and at first it seemed like an amazing opportunity and it still is, but after a few hours I began to unfold the truth about the whole process of coming up with a small advertisement/film.

I started out with no plan in mind. I tried to capture whatever I got here and there and I felt like I was making some real progress but once I got the time to import the shots from my camera to my computer I barely had anything to work with. First of all the lighting was off which gave the impression that the whole video had been staged and it looked pretty depressing, so that was the first thing that I had to keep in mind for the future. The second thing was I was cutting parts of the product in most of the shots which made the video seem unprofessional and pretty weak in terms of quality. I spent hours working on something that seemed terrible in the end and at that point the opportunity didn’t seem so great after all. So what did I do to overcome those obstacles you might be thinking to yourself?

I started the whole project from the beginning but I avoided making the same mistakes which I had made before. I played around with my camera’s settings and I was finally seeing those quality shots which I was looking for in the first place. The video turned out great in the end and I was pleased with the overall result. What I’m trying to tell you people is don’t give up if something doesn’t go the way you planned it. Get back up, rethink your strategy and get back in there. I felt pretty annoyed at the whole thing at the start but after a few nights of planning and looking at this opportunity from a whole different perspective I was back on the right path and doing what I love. 

Thanks for checking this out people and follow me on twitter for regular updates and news about the site. See you all soon.



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