inFamous: Second Son 1 million copies sold

INfamous h What is up people?

When we first got a glimpse of inFamous Second Son at last year’s E3 we knew that the game was going to be a major success. I was a major fan of the previous inFamous games and I was really looking forward to what the guys would do with that new engine which the PlayStation 4 had to offer. The guys over at Sucker Punch really knocked it out of the park with this one and here’s why. The graphics are stunningly beautiful, it gives players the freedom to choose what route to take and they got one of the best voice actors in the industry today, Troy Baker, which did an amazing job portraying the game’s main protagonist Delsin.

Sony has announced that inFamous Second Son has sold 1 million copies in just nine days. Sony have covered both direct downloads and physical copies. On top of that it’s the fastest selling title in the inFamous series according to Sony. Which is a pretty major achievement considering that previous inFamous games were amazing. So if you’re still having second thoughts on whether you should buy this game, stop dreaming and get it already. It’s an excellent game overall and should be experienced by any true gamer out there.




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