Apple focusing on the big picture…not megapixels

5s camera

What is up people?

Today we have entered the first day of spring and technology is already in the air. We have got a light breeze bringing in all of the latest news regarding Samsung’s newest handheld device the Galaxy s5. We’ve got Apple’s concept videos showing up all over YouTube and we’ve got case manufactures all around the world showing off their latest designs. In the last post that I put up you may recall that Samsung’s 16-megapixel camera is considered as one of their main marketing strategies. Now, you may think that Apple would direct their focus towards adding more megapixels to their upcoming device. But it turns out that Apple have other ways in improving the quality of their camera. Adding megapixels is not one of them.

It turns out that Apple are planning on adjusting various image enhancing components which means that they are willing to overlook the amount of pixels and are more likely focusing on the big picture. The iPhone 5s camera is a very good example of Apple’s enhancing methods. “With the 5s for example Apple enlarged each pixel’s size to 1.5 microns in diameter, a 0.1-micron increase from the 5. The larger surface area increased the sensor’s light gathering capabilities by 33 percent to the previous iSight rear facing camera.”

As as you can see people Apple do have a few trick up their sleeve. They probably have geniuses perfecting various methods which will improve their image quality but I wonder. How long can the company make slight adjustments to their cameras before feeling the need to upgrade their megapixels? Comment people and let me know what you think.

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Source: AppleInsider

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