Samsung Galaxy s5 may experience a delay…


What is up people?

It is me Jacob and I have more news regarding Samsung’s newest hand held device. For all of the people out there (including me) who are anxiously waiting for the Samsung Galaxy s5, unfortunately you may have to wait a little bit longer than originally expected. The company which is producing the device’s 16-megapixel camera lens is experiencing some problems when it comes to the manufacturing of the lens and that may cause a delay in the production of the device. Even though Samsung is up to speed with their part of the deal the company producing the lens is struggling to keep up with the demand and the alleged release date which is the 11th of April is not doing them any favours.

According to (ETNEWS) the “Galaxy S5 faces a dilemma with low lens production yield”. The 16-megaoixel camera is considered as one of the biggest marketing points for Samsung and since the current production yield is only around 20-30% which can lead to major setback in the Galaxy s5 production. The real problem with the production of the lens is “although the number of plastic injection parts increased, the thickness must be kept the same. To realize a slimmer smartphone design, the camera module thickness must be reduced even further. This is the reason lens makers need to process plastic parts to be thinner” so what that means people one slight flaw may result in “optical distortion” It’s not easy for lens makers says ETnews. Unless those six parts of plastic are accurately joined together centering on optical axis, optical defect may occur.

Samsung have assured the people that this slight bump on the road which they have encountered will not slow down production and that the device will still be launching to various countries around the world on the 11th of April. Let’s hope that everything will shape up for these guys as they have been doing exceptionally well this year in preparing for the release of the Samsung Galaxy s5.

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