Iphone 6 concept video emerges.

arthur reis

What is up people?

If you haven’t already noticed people we are currently in the month of March. You all know what that means right? The Samsung Galaxy s5 is just around the corner and as I’m anxiously waiting for its release, Apple geniuses are sitting at their workstations perfecting their newest hand held device. Now. This is a pretty common thing when it comes to the release of Apple’s hand held devices. People(fans) around the world come up with various concepts which show how the phone will improve based on pure speculation of the current and previous gen Iphones and usually they’re ninety-per cent correct.

A video on the popular platform (Which we all spend too much time on) called “YouTube” has caught my attention and it’s another concept video. The design of the Iphone 6 is pretty interesting and could it be true? Who knows? But I’ll put a link to the video right here and let me know what you people think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdOHASuFB-0

The creators of the video Arthur Reis and Rab Avni have a pretty cool and interesting idea when it comes to Apple’s Iphone 6. As you may see the phone now has a curved design, which reminds me of the very first Iphone. The phone still features its glamorous bezel and home button. I don’t know if it’s just me or does the back almost seem cheap…the phone seems to have a 4.5 inch screen which is an improvement from the Iphone 5s and some minor improvements which may or may not make a difference to the average user.

Now this is the part where I want you people to get involved. Comment down below and let me know what your predictions are for the Iphone 6. It’s going to be nice to see what you people think about the phone and what you guys come up with.

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See you all soon.


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