Samsung Galaxy S5: Promising Gifts announced…


What is up people?

As we all know the Samsung Galaxy S5 is almost here. The month of April is nearly upon us and it’s going to be an amazing one, due to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be released with over $600 worth of gifts. Yes people you have read that correctly. I don’t know people, maybe the month of April is a time for giving when it comes to Samsung? But nevertheless you will receive some pretty cool items when you purchase the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung has already given the people a little bit of info in relation to these pretty cool gifts, but who knows there may be more. Let me give you people the list below on what these gifts are possibly going to be:

  1. Cut the rope 2-with $10 of in game credit.
  2. Bloomberg Businessweek+ – free 12 month subscription.
  3. Lark-1 year of premium service.
  4. Skimble-6 months of premium service-for absolutely nothing.
  5. Run Keeper- 1 year of free service.
  6. MapMyFitness- 6 months of premium service for free.
  7. The Wall Street Journal- free 6 month subscription.
  8. Box-Which is 50GB of free storage for 6 months.
  9. Blurp- $5 coupon.
  10. Evernote- 3-12 months of free service (depending on the country in which you reside in)
  11. PayPal- $50 voucher to use with Paypal merchants.
  12. LinkedIn- 3 months of free premium access.
  13. BitCasa- 1TB of free storage for 3 months.
  14. Dropbox- 50GB of free storage for 2 years.
  15. EasilyDo Pro- 6 months of free service.
  16. Flick Dat- Free download of any $2 paid app.

So as you can see people Samsung is offering some pretty awesome freebies when it comes to their next generation Samsung Galaxy S5. If you’re still hesitant whether you should change from your current phone or whether you should upgrade from your S4 to the S5 check out my previous article on the Samsung Galaxy S5. There are plenty of ways to use up that free storage, whether you like listening to music or watching movies. Free storage is always a good thing. This year I am most definitely switching to the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it will be officially released some time in April, but as we can see it seems to be getting better and better everyday.

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Have a great day and I will See You All Soon.


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