I’m switching from Apple to Samsung…


What is up people?

A few days ago I have come to a conclusion that I am a Twitter addict…but that’s not important right now. As I was scrolling through my timeline I encountered a tweet which was sent by “Optic-Nadeshot” and he was thinking about changing from an “Iphone” to a “Samsung”. Now I’m not sure if he went ahead with the decision but that got me thinking maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

When I received my first phone at the age of seven I didn’t really care about what the phone could do, as I was more interested in what the phone featured which was a very popular game called “Snake”. Up to the age of fifteen I was using “Nokia” phones and that year I had just received a “Sony Ericsson Xperia Play” for Christmas. The phone had already won major awards and I was excited to enter a universe which was full of apps and PSX games. It was fun for the first couple of months and I was enjoying the phone a lot but after a while I began to notice the little quirks which came along with “Android’s” operating system. Such as major lag when switching from one window to another and lets not forget the amount of time it took to open up the camera app. I’m not saying that the idea was bad and that the phone was crappy and should have never been released. All I’m saying is that it wasn’t perfect and it would have been nice if they would have spent a little bit more time developing the software.

At the time when I received the “Xperia Play”. “Apple” were the dominant company when it came to mobile phones and handheld devices. They had it all. They had the marketing geniuses, they had the iconic leader which was the late “Steve Jobs” and they also had the elegance and charm. I remember that everyone wanted an “Iphone” and even though some were afraid to admit it deep down they had that longing for one. Including me.

That same year I think that my parents sensed my dissatisfaction with the phone when I would constantly use their “Iphones” instead of the perfectly good “Xperia Play” which had been carefully placed on my table, covered by a small coating of dust. They decided to get me the “Iphone 4” for my birthday and not long after that I was downloading apps like a Mad Man and buying songs that I would probably only listen to for a few minutes soon realizing that the song that I had just bought was complete rubbish. The smooth feel of the glass on the back, the smooth feel of the glass on the front “Oh My God” it was such an amazing phone all around. In fact it was so amazing that two years later I still have my Iphone 4 today. But since those two years have elapsed a lot has changed.

Samsung’s Galaxy phones had been constantly improved and developed for the better so that they could compete against Apple’s handheld devices. At the start it seemed as if Android would never catch up when we would constantly hear reviewers saying things such as “Iphone 3gs still continues to beat the new Samsung Galaxy S model”…and stuff like that. But last year I began to notice a few things about the Iphone which would drive me crazy and now allow for me to take you on a little tour which basically consist of various complaints that I have when it comes to the Iphone.

You can’t upgrade the storage…You’re stuck with the one you get. You have to go through Apple’s so easy yet so difficult Itunes software when you wish to add a new CD to your phone. What happened to drag and drop?. You can’t put photos onto your phone unless you send them through your email and save them to your phone. You’re restricted when it comes to the personalization of your phone. Unless you love to change your wallpaper and nothing else I suggest that you take the Iphone into consideration. Getting Apple to develop widgets for the Iphone was like retrieving blood from a stone… and when they finally did…they made a total mess of it. Now over to the positive things which the Samsung Galaxy s5 has to offer.

The Galaxy s5 has an expandable memory which can be expanded up to 128gb. Now that’s pretty impressive considering that I was restricted to my Iphone 4’s 8gb memory (Which was actually 6gb and something)  The Galaxy s5 will now feature a so called heartbeat sensor and also pretty cool amazing features which will keep people entertained for years. The Galaxy s5 will have a 16 mega-pixel camera which is another major improvement from my Iphone 4’s 5 mega-pixel camera. So as you can see people the Samsung Galaxy s5 is looking like a pretty nice and wise improvement from the stale and monotonous Iphone 4.

The Samsung Galaxy s5 is just around the corner and considering its attractive price and its suave look I think that I am making a very wise choice.

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Iphone 4


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