Another WordLoops update…

What is up people?

I’m guessing that some of you may have noticed an absence since my last movie review, and you’re one-hundred per cent correct. This past week has been pretty crazy. I’ve been working like a madman for the past couple of weeks as this is my last three months of high school. I really do want to do well in the exams and for the past week I’ve been focusing most of my energy on some projects that were due.

Many of you people out there, who have either undergone or are currently undergoing the school system probably know that this is our teacher’s last few months to control us and to make themselves feel big and in control. It kind of sounds stupid and almost childish but in my case it almost seems as if the teachers are trying to send all of us students a message. “I’m miserable so that means you’re not allowed to do anything fun and creative.” No offence to any teachers who may be reading this, but particularly in my school it seems to be the case.

Okay. Enough talk about school. Right now since my schedule has cleared up I’m going to be posting a lot of new and fresh content hopefully everyday. It’s a pretty big commitment but I know that it can be achieved. I’m thinking about coming up with some weekly articles such as an insight into the life of Jacob(WordLoops). Maybe some weekly app reviews accompanied by some gaming news and maybe once a month you should see a movie review (Which I’m pretty excited about). Let me know people what you think of these ideas, if you would like to see these articles in action like the post and that would give me a pretty good indication whether you would be interested in such a schedule.

Thanks for checking this out people you have been awesome. Expect a pretty sweet article tomorrow as always. A big THANKS going to all of the people out there who are following me and are supporting me in my writing adventures. Remember be yourself, be creative, stay awesome.

See you all soon.


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