The Lego Movie…The Review


What is up people?

In the last couple of days all that I’ve been seeing in my twitter timeline were the words Lego Movie. I’ve played Lego games before on various consoles, but a Lego movie was something that I had to see. Since I have a little brother who was dying to see the film I decided to tag along and see what the big hype was about. At a very young age my parents introduced me to a world of colourful Lego bricks, and from that point on I was building amazing skyscrapers which were all shapes and sizes and had a variety of colours. Now, when I say skyscrapers it might have been a small box which was closed off at the top, but when you’re a kid anything is possible. 

Before heading out I decided to see which voice actors were involved in the movie and I was surprised at what I saw. I saw a pretty well know cast which consisted of Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and lets not forget the story’s main protagonist Chris Pratt. After seeing the cast I knew that this movie was definitely going to be more than your regular animated movie. This is going to be one proper film. In Lego form. What could be better than a movie which consisted entirely out of Lego? 

At the very beginning of the movie we got a wide glimpse into the Lego world and everything was made out of Lego. EVERYTHING !!! With a few jokes here and there the movie took off and various people around the cinema were hooked just then. Except one and that was me. When I analyse films it takes more then the cast and the jokes which are in it. I focus on the big picture, the message that the film is trying to convey to it’s audience.  If you feel the very same way well then this is a movie that you will not want to miss. The movie has a very important message not for just the younger audience but for everyone which may be stuck in a similar position. You’ll understand when you go and see it.

Plot: Right now I’m going to give you people a short analysis of the plot. The main protagonist Emmet Brickowoski is a construction worker who has fallen into the monotonous routine of everyday life. The strange thing is that he enjoys the routine and as a result he fails to access his creativity. He sees no other way than to live his life by the rules, which President Business has implemented in order to control society and destroy all creativity in each and every citizen of the Lego world. President Business decided to take everything to the next level and his master plot is to glue everything and everyone together. Our protagonist Emmet is the chosen one and he must save the world from total and utter destruction. But he couldn’t possibly save the world  without some help along the way, and that’s when our friendly neighbourhood heroes appear such as Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and lets not forget one very heroic Laker member and a former President of the United States Abraham Lincoln.  

Verdict: The Lego Movie ticked every box in my book. It made me laugh, it gave the audience a very important message in life and one key feature, everything is made out of LEGO. The voice actors were outstanding and even though some of them may be familiar with being on the big screen, it’s a whole different game when it comes to voice acting. I give this movie a well deserved 9/10 and this is one flick that I would gladly see again.

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