Great TV shows that will be thoroughly missed…

breaking bad

What is up people?

I’ve been browsing through my “Netflix” library and at the very end of the list I came across some of my favourite TV shows such as “Breaking Bad”, “Chuck” and “Friends”. I had a couple of minutes to spare so I decided to go through some random episodes and immediately I was laughing at Joey’s innocence, which was a frequent occurrence in “Friends” . Worried for Chuck’s life as he failed to control the super computer in his brain which was referred to as the intersect, and also lets not forget that super awesome moment when Heisenberg brought home that Chrysler 300 which led to a serious of loud and bad ass revving.

To this day I still can’t believe that all of these shows have had their time, and slowly moved to the sideline as they were forced to make way for the shows of today such as “Agents of Shield” and “Sons of Anarchy” …

And I sort of came up with a theory why my mind decides to take a trip down memory lane every time I see a “Breaking Bad” poster or one of the stars from “Friends” such as Matthew Perry or Jennifer Aniston? Yes it is because all of these shows were amazing and featured a great cast, some of the most impressive screen writing and a very compelling plot. But I think the biggest reason out of all of those is the memories that my mind associated these shows with. It might be weird to some of you but to me it makes perfect sense.

At the the time when I began to watch friends it was probably one of the hottest summers that I have ever experienced in my life. Me and my brother would go outside, we would then do some crazy and fun stuff and at the end of each day we would relax and watch a few episodes of “Friends” whilst playing “Minecraft” together. It was awesome.

I first started to watch “Breaking Bad” last year… around September. It was a pretty rough time for me. I had to make some major decisions and whenever I got the chance to watch that show it was almost like an escape route from the real world and for those sixty minutes of programming. I felt free.

Now the most recent of these three shows is “Chuck”. I began to watch “Chuck” around Christmas time and somehow I finished watching all of the seasons by the end of January. “Chuck” for me was really great and amazing show as the writers/creators refused to go with the stereotypical spy who drove around in an Aston Martin and drank Martinis all day. The reason why this show was significant to me was, it was just a well written show which made me laugh every time and it was one that I would looked forward to each night as I came back home from school.

Well there you have it people here are my top three shows which I believe will be thoroughly missed by many people around the world and if you have any shows which you feel the same way about leave a comment down below and as always…Thanks for checking this out. If you want to check out my twitter it’s @WordLoops and for business purposes contact me at

See you all soon !!!


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