Welcome readers!

What is up people?

It is another Friday evening and once again I find my self reminiscing about the events that have occurred during the week. For example, me doing an unbelievably hard maths exam which brought up the question why do we have to do maths in the first place? I mean, sure maths can be used in a lot of places by a lot of people, but why does someone who has absolutely no interest in the subject and has no intention on counting anything more than the money in their pocket or the shoes on their feet have to participate in such a boring and complicated subject. 

Okay it seems like I already got a little bit sidetracked but anyway. What is up wordpress readers. My name is Jacob and people of the internet know me as WordLoops. Right now I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a seventeen year old student and I am currently in my last year of high school( Which kind of felt awesome to say). I have a huge interest in writing and video editing. In the future I plan on pursuing a career in the writing/film industry such as an author, journalist, screenwriter, video editor, director… and so on. Unfortunately no college offers writing and film editing together which means I’m going to have to work my way around it.

For those of you who are wondering what my blog is about it’s basically about……..everything. I simply love to write and on this page you should see some pretty cool posts about video games, books, music, technology, everyday occurrences and you will also get to see the world from a motivated CEO’s perspective, who is driven by success and the dream of setting up his own business. If you like what you’ve read so far….stick around there is plenty more to come.

If you want to check out my twitter @WordLoops feel free to do so and check out my previous posts which were published on another site http://www.wordloops.blogspot.ie/ for business purposes contact me at wordloopsbusiness@gmail.com.

Thanks for checking this out and “See you all soon”. 


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